2012     Secret Garden Party; Hearth installation; Cambridgeshire, UK

2012     Benecia Artist in Residency Program, Site-Specific Installation Artist; Unravelled Map installation; Benecia, Ca, USA

2012     Paiute Tribe Commemorative Sundial; Cottontail Encounters the Sun permanent sundial sculpture; Yerrington, Nv, USA

2012     ‘Ideas on a Postcard’ Exhibition by Architecture for Humanity; TFL: Trampolines for London postcard; London, UK

2012     Mid Market Art Project; Wouldn’t it be Nice peep boxes installed at the UN Plaza; San Francisco, Ca, USA

2012     ‘Storied Sites: Architecture, Politics and People at the Diego Riviera Gallery at the San Francisco Institute of Art; Wouldn’t it be Nice installation; San Francisco, Ca, USA

2011     ‘Open Architecture’ Exhibition RIBA Gallery; The Wet Dream timelapse print; London, UK

2011     Burning Man Festival; The Wet Dream installation; Black Rock Desert, Nv, USA

2011     TestBed; The Wet Dream prototype leg segment installation; London, UK


/// Warmbabies

Lucy Jones, UK

Jenny H. MacDonald, UK/Japan/China

Louise Mackie, UK/USA

Kim Walker, USA/UK

Natalie Wright, UK

/// Warmbaby Collaborators

Jimmy Krehl, USA

Dinah Mullen, UK

Patrick Berning, USA/UK

Simon Widdowfield, UK

Andrew Simpson, UK

 /// Previous Warmbabies

Guy Woodhouse, UK

Larissa Begault, UK/Belgium

Xavier Roeseler, UK/Belgium

Shamoon Patwari, UK

Tracey Bascue, USA

Doug Dean, USA

Drew Walker, USA